My first review! My first Vapor Chef order! Hooray!

I am still new to vaping, and as such I haven’t tried a wide variety of stuff yet.  I’ve ordered from Mount Baker Vapor, and I’ve purchased some things from Vape NY.

I ordered Unicorn Poop, Honey Peary, and Bloody Mango from The Vapor Chef.  All in 12 mg (trying to slowly cut down), and the blend is 50/50 pg/vg.  I am dripping all of them for the best taste.  I use a basic eGo battery and a boring atomizer, but it’s what I prefer.  I’m pretty simple.  Also, I am using this tank. It is wonderful and produces so many clouds.  As far as I know, you can ONLY get it at Vape NY but Google may prove me wrong.  Please buy one or two, you will thank me later.  I am using this drip set up.  Moving along…

– The packaging was great.  Packed in peanuts, bubbled wrapped bottles as they are glass with droppers.  Pretty cool, definitely better than having to smush a plastic bottle with your fingers.  I really like the droppers.  No waste, no spillage, no leaks.  The bottles are also sealed which although a minor detail, really illustrates the level of care about their quality.  The only thing is that the bottle labels themselves have printing that is a wee bit blurry.  This is not an issue for me at all but I could see it being frustrating for someone who has vision issues.

5/5 for packaging and shipping.

– The products themselves were almost a novelty for me!  The 50/50 blend is a nice, syrupy consistency, much different than what I am used to – I usually order from MBV and get 80pg/20vg – this will change.  I immediately noticed less leakage when I drip.  Cool.  Nothing worse than trying to cook dinner for your boyfriend and having to wipe off juice as you go along.  Again, the dropper bottle has changed vaping for me.  Dripping is so much nicer now!

– To get it out of the way, the vape on these juices is great.  CLOUDS FOR DAYS!  Again, I will give partial credit to the gear I am using!  I immediately vaped the Bloody Mango.  It’s a subtle vape, like all three of the juices I purchased.  The mango notes are especially pronounced on the exhale.  On the inhale, as soon as the vapor hits the tip of my tongue, I immediately detect the sweet nectar taste of an orange.  It’s not at all overwhelming, and this juice will make an excellent all-day vape.  This juice reminds me of the mango infused water I sipped on a very hot day in Southern California once while wild fires were raging in the distance.  Delightful.  Will order it again, as this is the perfect juice for sweltering NYC summer days.  I also filled a fresh tank with this and the tank didn’t throw a temper tantrum so I’m glad.

– Honey Peary!  A delectable and subtly sweet juice with notes of honeysuckle.  If you’ve never plucked a honey suckle off of a bush and brushed the nectar onto your lips then licked them, go do that because your life isn’t complete yet.  That’s what Honey Peary is to me.  It’s a nostalgic vape, and the scent of the vapor is lingering.  I love this, I really do.  It reminds me of late spring as a child.  I do taste more honeydew in this juice than pear or strawberry, and I am ok with that.  It pairs really well with the Kerrygold Dubliner cheese that I am snacking on at the moment, for the record.  I will probably vape this when I am drinking Oolong tea, as well.  I will report back in the chance that any of you who have made it this far are even remotely interested in my tea/vape pairings, haha.  🙂

– Unicorn Poop!  The raspberry is strong with this one!  I was expecting a little bit more of cupcake flavor.  I am probably the first to say this, but I honestly don’t know yet if I like it.  I am going to buy a brand new atomizer for this and give it another go.  The raspberry seems dominant, a teeny bit overwhelming.  I don’t detect the blueberry notes at all, which is disheartening only because I’ve yet to find an all-day blueberry vape.  I am unsure if I would order this again.  It is a very sweet vape, and I will vape this when I am drowning myself in lemonade later this evening while I try to give myself relief from the humidity of the city.

EDIT: A few weeks after letting the Unicorn Poop (Now known as Unicorn Juice on their site) sit, it tastes like Chambord. Am pleased! Very pleased indeed. Letting this one “steep” really brings out the raspberry in a more mature way. It’s like pouring a shot of Chambord over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, absolutely divine.

– TVC was so kind to send me a teeny sample of Cranapple, and my only qualm with it is that I didn’t think to order it myself.  This is my favorite so far!  The lack of astringent taste that is so common with cranberry flavored anything is impressive itself.  Like all of the other juices I’ve ordered from TVC, it is subtle overall and the apple notes are elusive and tease you, which makes me want to vape this all day long.  Thank you for sending this, TheVaporChef.  I will absolutely include this on my next order.

5/5 for product consistency and ease of use, 4.5/5 for vape flavor and clouds

I’d also like to rate their website.  THANK YOU for the clean design, the easy to navigate links, and the smooth ordering process.

5/5 for website and service.

Tl;dr Nostalgic vapes, CLOUDS FOR DAYS!, my olfactory sense is pleased, will order again.  Didn’t thoroughly enjoy Unicorn Poop, please don’t bring out the pitchforks.  Great service, easy to order, great packaging, great website.